I started this blog for one reason: There has always been a gnawing gap between the person I am inside (and on the page) and the person I am with the people I love. Almost every day of my life, I struggle to show you how much I love you (and like you) and often worry that I’m not doing it right or enough. Maybe it’s every parent’s curse that the love they feel for their child is inexpressible. Or maybe I just suck at platonic intimacy. Probably it’s both.

I want to share my feelings about you and our relationship as you grow. It’s my hope that if I fail to be there for you in the way that I always try to be, at the very least you’ll know what I was feeling on the inside, and that I tried hard all the time. If somehow I didn’t fail, if I don’t feel inaccessible or inadequate to you, and you find these paragraphs confusing, well then, this will only be a gift to you, and a nice remembrance.



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