You and mom went to BreyerFest!

Back in March, mom and I were talking about whether to buy you a trip to BreyerFest for your birthday. I was mostly against it–worried, really, that you wouldn’t be that excited. You’ve always preferred things for your birthday over experiences. In fact, every experience we ever bought for you went over like a bland sandwich when you opened it. Even when you loved the experience itself when the time came to cash in. So I felt maybe we needed to learn our lesson and stop doing this. But mom said “but this is BreyerFest…”

Then I realized that it was on the same dates that I had a workshop for one of my plays in Lowell. I was sad again, and worried that would make the experience even worse for you. But mom convinced me it was still the right thing to do.

She was right about everything. You didn’t seem to care much that I wasn’t coming and you were off the walls with excitement over this gift! Truly. Plus we figured out some time in May, I think, that you could finally ride in the front seat of the car and the idea of you and mom doing the trip together with you in the front picking the radio stations had big appeal. You wrote a count-down on your white board “X days until BreyerFest” and every day you counted a day off.

I wish Mom was writing this blog so she could describe it here. Since I wasn’t there, the memories I have are of texts she sent me while I was in between rehearsals and writing sessions. My favorite went something like this: “Some kid just got seriously hurt on the mechanical bull and is bleeding above his eye and I have a video of Ari being a badass.”

You were in heaven. Mom was a little overwhelmed by the culture of consumerism that was being celebrated, but from what I hear it was still a pretty great trip with lots of late nights, bad food, horse crafts and SHOPPING.