Smella Bella Noodle Bayiates


And just like that we got a new dog. We, the family made up of two slow-motion pragmatists (allegedly in charge) and one act-now-think-later 10-year-old, did something about as spur-of-the-moment as you can get.

I was not ready. You and mom were. But the thing is, getting a dog when you’re not ready yet is nothing like getting a new boyfriend or girlfriend when you’re not ready. If you rebound with a person, the relationship is probably doomed. Rebound with a dog…eventually you get over your grief and at the other end of that tunnel is a super-cute dog that is irresistible to love.  Bonus!

We were on our way back from your riding lesson. And you brought it up. We had looked at dogs at Felines and Canines online and we did know there was a cutie named Bell there that was part BT and cyugly-as-all-get-out. I said I was open to driving over there. Mom said sure…and before you knew it we were crouched down in front of cages “looking” at forlorn little pooches. I will say, for the record, I was sure we would adopt then.  Mom may have truly thought we were just looking–I will never know. But I knew.  The two of you move faster than I do, and you were ready. And if you’re an animal lover, “just looking” at dogs is a little like “just looking” at gourmet chocolates. You will not merely observe. You will partake.

The first time Bella (then Bell) saw us, she dropped her ears and sat, submissive. We melted. The first time we met her, she jumped upside down into my lap, committed several acts of acrobatic cuteness around the room and I thought: I love this twiggy clown! Mom was not that impressed, though! Her energy was a little too extreme that day. And we went home to get Zoe so we could take them both on a walk and see how they interacted. For the record, on the drive back to the house, I thought the adoption I was so sure would happen…was now off. Because, generally, as I’m sure you know, when momma don’t approve…well…end-of-story.

But Zoe liked her. You liked her. I liked her. Mom took a risk. We paid a fee and minutes later we were home with a new dog. If we ever do anything this impulsive again, from the time this happened to the time you read this…I will be astounded. And I hope I remember to record it! Because this is not how mom and dad roll!

To my surprise though, it’s been YOU more than us, who has shown regret for acting too quickly! You like Bella…you even love her…but she has bonded very closely with mom, and she has a few issues that she’s getting over. And I’ve watched you keep her at arms length. I’m not totally sure why. Maybe it will pass. Maybe not.

Maybe you weren’t as ready as you thought you were…as for me, my grieving heart is already melting.


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