Last night you spent 40 minutes complaining about people at school

people-are-crazyYour mom gets pretty frustrated with people. And I know I communicate in subtle and unsubtle ways that I find the world a pretty lost place full of befuddling, selfish and self-destructive weirdos. (The very fact that I’m such a loner speaks volumes to you, I’m sure.)

So I probably shouldn’t have found last night surprising. And who knows? Maybe it was an outlier. But man did you complain!

There was a girl with a crutch who was, in your opinion, totally faking it and sucking up undeserved attention; a gaggle of overreacting girls who demanded that they be her sole caretaker; a rude and inattentive gym teacher who allowed a series of injustices–one of them directed at you; a friend who threw a fit and was strangely rewarded for it;  an injustice that the music teacher committed against Elli; and a few more I forget.

Bad day? Maybe. I’ll keep you posted.

But the phase of childhood you’re in, for girls in particular, is so new to me. I remember fourth grade and obviously I was totally oblivious to the drama that girls go through at this age. (I was busy making games and clubs and playing Dungeons and Dragons.)

I was just there to drop you off yesterday and it was crazy. Loud drama. And crazy. (Listen to me? No wonder you’re always looking at them and shaking your head.) But despite your own drama at home, you’re still not getting sucked in at school. You tend to rise above the drama and offer sanity and kindness to your friends. That’s pretty awesome.

[In other news, you just had a birthday at Blackberry Farms last weekend, with Elli and Gav. It mostly was a big hit except for an episode where Elli didn’t get to go on the pedal boats because Gav is afraid of water and it got a little ugly for a few minutes. Drama. Which you didn’t get sucked into! But then all was well and we went home happy.]


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