March (Understated) Madness

downloadOK, maybe it’s a mistake to post about when you got your training bras…but that happened this month.

I’m a guy. This is so new to me. And I didn’t expect this so soon.

You lobbied for training bras I think because Elli wears them, and you liked hers. Plus you’re genuinely modest, and you started feeling uncomfortable without them. So…mom went out and loaded you up with the tiniest sports bras I’ve ever seen in my life. When I see them, I marvel at how small you are, which is always a surprising feeling because I’m usually reeling over how much you’ve grown (and how large you loom in my mind and heart.)

So you’ve been talking about them a lot, trying new ones on, insisting that you need even more, which we then go out and buy. The newness of it all is very present. It’s a big thing. You wear bras now. And you think bras, and wonder about bras, and comment on bras. It’s all bras.

You don’t get all that enthusiastic about things. I mean, you do, but you have an understated way of showing it. For a ten year old kid, you’re not in the least bit effusive when you get a great gift, for example. By the time you’re an adult, I bet you’ll be downright laconic.

I like this about you. It means one has to be in the know to appreciate your excitement. Because it’s there. It’s just not in your face.

For the record…you’re pretty psyched about bras.


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