Milestone: You Started 4th Grade on August 24!

WA004-600x600This is the first time you’ve ever had a male teacher: Mr. Pollard. At the start of the year, you told me fourth grade was awesome. You loved your new teacher. You liked your class. You dug the way he does things…everything.

Lately, you’ve been complaining a little. You still really like Mr. Pollard, and you’re making good progress in school. I can tell you’re learning and I really like the way he promotes a growth mindset. But the routine gets to you. Judging by the orderly, carefully framed and organized materials he puts on his classroom walls, I find your characterization of his fixation with order…shall we say….credible.  You roll your eyes when you talk about it.

So…he may be a little too attached to routine for your tastes. But you’re hanging in there. You miss Rosa lately.


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