Milestone: Your 9th Birthday!


Happy Birthday, Ari!

You are nine.

Today, while I was hanging up streamers and piling your gifts onto the table and writing you a card, I was also texting you. You were with Mom in NC, getting ready to come home to Chicago. We were sending silly texts back-and-forth. I couldn’t wait to see you.

And then oops. I forgot to actually wish you a happy birthday over the phone! Here I am running around, getting your birthday stuff ready while texting you and I never once texted Happy Birthday. You let it be known you were disappointed, but were nice about it. Ah well. Dad-fail.

I picked you and mom up at the airport after not seeing you for a week. I wrote you a card/mini-picture-book that featured your stuffed animals and poop being thrown around. I set your animals up in a position that mimicked a picture I drew on the last page of your card, and you loved it all.


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