The 6 ways you’ve changed since I started this blog

new yearHappy 2015! (As I write this, Papa is home from the hospital and staying with us for a couple weeks as he recovers enough to get home.)

So! Now that I have a historical record, I can look back at the things I’ve written about you and see how those things have changed or evolved or aren’t true anymore.

Here they are in order that they first appeared on this blog:

 1. “You love horses but won’t admit it.”

Not anymore! You draw horses all the time; you take horseback riding lessons weekly. You have a horse bag; horse clothing; a horse-themed riding outfit that you put on like an hour before your lesson. Life for you right now is very openly all about horses.

2. “You’re a doer and a show-er more than an over-thinker/talker. I used to ask you how your day went, and you’d shrug and make a fart joke. Now you answer me, and tell me something about your day, which is very cool.”

This is changing as well! When we ask you about your day, you talk for a looooooong time. You’re pretty chatty with me now on a regular basis, even away from the dinner table. It’s great, as long as I remember that every word that comes out of your mouth is very important to you. (Adults can be very thick about this sort of thing.)

3. The F-word…”So the cat’s out of the bag. You don’t know what it means (good LORD, you better not know it means,)”

I can’t prove it, but I’m 90% sure you DO know what it means now; that you have been told about sex by one of your little friends and you so far have no questions that are just burning to be asked. You were getting so close to asking how babies were made for about a year while mom very skillfully deflected your curiosity…but we were REALLY close and expecting the point blank question that we couldn’t deflect ANY DAY. Then James had the talk (meanwhile all the parents started texting each other…”Brendan knows what goes where,” may have been an exact text if I remember it correctly.)

Then your questions stopped. Hmmm…

4. “What I know about you now is that you like being a kid and you’re in no rush to grow up.”

For what it’s worth, you now have an image of the life you want when you grow up. You will live on a farm. You’ll have horses, six dogs and two kids–one boy and one girl. (You never mention a husband.) You have cows, goats, chickens and pigs, but the pigs you will never eat and you don’t care that they have no purpose on a farm Daddy thank you very much.

You don’t talk about the dedicated bird-room anymore. Which is probably good, y’know…should you ever want to sell the place.

5. “You play Dragonvale like crazy”

Nope. Not anymore! Now you’re into Go Vactation on the Wii and you want me to play it with you. All the time! We have a lot of fun playing it, though I’ve been getting bored. You’ve been so smart though. You’ve figured out that once I get a goal in my head, I suddenly want to play so you “trick” me by asking questions like…”gee…I wonder if you can find a way to get up onto the lighthouse hill…” or “hey, did you notice there’s a treasure we haven’t found here?”  You’re an evil genius. (It always works, too.)

6. You wake up and you watch TV….I kiss you goodbye but you’re like a zombie in front of the TV (you often forget I kissed you,)”

This never happens anymore! Now you pause the TV and give me your undivided attention. You made this change all on your own.


That’s it! Otherwise, it all still applies. The biggest change I’ve seen in you over the past year+ is simply that you’re older. You’re more you. You’re more charming, smarter, stronger, taller, funnier, more intense, more laser-focused-on-getting-what-you-want. You loom so large in my life and in my heart, it’s hard to believe you can bust the walls and grow there…but you do. Every day you do.


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