Milestone: Your first horseback riding lesson…

ls…occurred on Saturday, November 8, 2014.

I don’t know if this is a big milestone, or of it was one more activity, like swimming lessons, that will first consume but ultimately tire you.  Nevertheless, mom and I have committed to giving you some regular lessons.

You’ve been asking us to do this for so long, but this weekend we found a place and gave it a try. We drove there just to see how the lessons worked and whether we could schedule one for you, but it just so happened a slot was open in 30 minutes. While the grownups discussed this possibility, you told me (later) your heart was pounding. I watched you look down and stand very still, because moving or saying something might break the spell your parents were under while we nodded, checked the time and mom slowly pulled out her wallet.

After we booked the lesson, we waited for forty minutes. You found crayons and paper and drew two horses–one you named Miggy. (You spelled it Migey.) It was the best horse you’ve ever drawn freehand. We both agreed. And you’ve drawn a LOT by now.

It was clear you were a little disappointed after the lesson because you thought you were going to learn how to trot. (I’m not sure why!) Since this is English style, there’s a lot to learn and you started by learning super exciting things like how to sit. But you told me it didn’t matter because you got to sit on a horse for a half-hour anyway (Her name was Rosie.)

Despite the mild disappointment, there was a lot of excitement too, and eagerness for the next lesson. You weren’t so ruffled by your disappointment that you lacked perspective; you did cherish the experience.

I love you so much, I’m about ready to shell out for an Olympic training facility. Sometimes it’s good the way mom keeps these impulses in check.


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