Milestone: Your first trip to Disney

mickey earsThis just happened.

June 23 – June 29, 2014. 

I bet you’ll remember it pretty well.

My favorite moments:

  • Riding Mt. Everest with you and mom.
  • The awesome safari. This was the second time you got to do it…last time you were a fetus, so this time was surely less confusing for you.
  • When you were scared to ride Space Mountain alone and decided that to comfort yourself, you wanted mom in front of you and me behind you…and then the coaster pulled up and you realized we had the first car. You quickly changed your mind for the opportunity to ride up front. Classic Ari.
  • Your hair after Space Mountain.
  • The look on your face when you saw how the hotel housekeeping had rearranged your stuffed animals into cute little scenes.
  • When you bought Nali, your stuffed Cheetah, at Animal Kingdom you became so SURE that the name you gave her fit so well, you confidently asked everyone, one by one, “when you hear the name Nali, what animal do you think of?”, fully expecting them to say “Cheetah.”
  • The way Papa asked us if we were having a magical day every day, with very little irony.
  • The way Nana slipped you a ten every day and you horded it.
  • How you liked the Tiki Birds.
  • How you teased me over the Hall of Presidents and told me it nearly put you to sleep.
  • The way you kept asking me if those were real people or “robots.”
  • Swimming with you. Just you and me, when the Flower pool closed, and we had to swim in the other pool shaped like a Bowling pin.
  • How you kept spotting the little hidden Mickey heads everywhere with that amazing pattern recognition of yours.
  • Finding so many great Florida birds–and the way you were so taken with the ducks that made their home at Epcot, you kept everyone waiting for you while you attempted to pet them.
  • The cute little lizards everywhere that also captivated (and frequently delayed) you.
  • Watching the orangutan documentary on Animal Planet with you over breakfast.
  • Riding Mt. Everest with only you the second time, which we did immediately after the first time.
  • As painful as it was, the way you rose early every day, even after going to bed late.

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