5 things you may wonder about yourself (because I would)

wedding_time_capsule_ideasFor this post, I thought really hard about stuff I would want to know  if I were your age and my dad gave me this blog. I think I would ask…

What was I interested in?

This is about the time when you really shifted into wanting screen time a lot, which is kinda sad and we fight with you often over it, but hopefully by now you feel like losing all these fights has helped you win something.

You play Dragonvale like crazy and are really into Hannah Montana–the show, not Miley Cyrus. (You just dig sitcoms.) When we make you turn the TV off, you generally craft. You draw pictures of birds or other animals–sometimes imaginary, but usually realistic. You like all kinds of other crafts, too. Occasionally, you get a burst of inspiration and decide you want to do something big, and you’ll spend time building some elaborate thingy, fort or project that involves stringing something up across a room and a talk from us about how it can’t stay there. You very rarely go up in your room and play with your toys alone. You only play with toys socially; otherwise, you’re either enjoying screen time or making something.

How do I spend my time on a given day?

Weekends are always different, but here’s how weekdays in 2nd grade have generally gone: You wake up and you watch TV. (Limit = 1hr.) You eat while you watch; I kiss you goodbye but you’re like a zombie in front of the TV (you often forget I kissed you,) and then when your TV time is up, you get ready for school. Mom drops you off from school and picks you up. When she picks you up, you run off with James and some other little dudes and romp around the field outside the rec center near some bleachers and a baseball diamond. Mom eventually pries you away from your friends (oh, you’ve been into your friends more and more lately,) and then takes you home. You watch one 20-minute show, eat a snack and do your homework. I come home. We eat dinner together. You do 15-minutes of forced reading time while I do dishes and practice my dulcimer.  We make animals talk for 10 minutes. Then we all hang out (or you take a bath.) Then you go to bed. If it’s mom’s turn, she reads Harry Potter.  If it’s my turn, I read the Chronicles of Narnia. That’s it. Then, sleep; repeat.

What did I think I was going to be like when I was college-aged?

As I mentioned in a previous post; you have no opinions on this matter. And neither did I when I was your age. You have said repeatedly that you don’t want to move out, but you probably will so you can get a place in the country so you can have a horse. That’s kind of it. Oh, and a bird room–as in a room dedicated to birds. You’ve said you don’t want kids and have also said you want ten kids, but will adopt them.

What did I struggle with then that I may still struggle with now?

So…does any of this still resonate?  What you struggle with now is your patience when anything thwarts you from getting what you want; a tendency to be very pushy when you don’t get what you want; you’re very attached to things and have a very hard time letting anything go–not just your preconceptions, but also old clothes, decorations, furniture, bushes, toys, stuffed animals, even scraps of paper (seriously!).

What strengths did I display then that still serve me now?

Any of this still true? Your ability to absorb and retain facts about animals has, to-date, been far-and-away your strongest trait which was noticeable even before you turned 3. You’re also really funny and silly, and find  joy in nearly everything (until your ambitions are thwarted, that is!) You’re very loving and demonstrative. You’re smart and ask great questions; you’re intellectually curious and when we say something you don’t understand, you always ask what we mean. You care a lot about doing the right thing and fairness is very important to you. You’re ridiculously flexible, physically–this is something we’re just realizing. You’re hugely goal oriented and are not naturally a quitter.


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