MILESTONE: You were chatty with me last night!

chatty cathyThat’s never happened before. I think I’ve already posted on this blog that you’re not much of a talker; more of a doer. Last night, mom hung out with a friend and you and I made animals talk (oh, I will post about that little ritual…be assured), went for a bike ride and then watched Dancing With The Stars.

On the bike ride and during the show, you talked nonstop! It was hilarious! My favorite moment was when we were biking to the playground at Washington and in-between talking about crossing the alley and crossing Main, you confessed that you actually do like cats but are a little scared of them because one scratched you in the eye once. And no, there were no cats around. It just came out of nowhere.

Maybe it was just a mood…or maybe heredity is having something to say in the matter. My family are all TALKERS. Let’s see!


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