Three things you need to know about your mother’s career life

43The other night mom was trying to talk to you about why she’s not working and the decisions that went into it. You were interested for a bit and then we lost you.

You’re 8.  She didn’t take it personally.

But these are the moments this blog is made for. I wanted to be able to communicate to you all the meaning behind the interaction mom was having with you, from my own perspective, but you’re too young and who knows what will happen to this story after 10 years? Continue reading


MILESTONE: Your eighth Birthday!

eightToday you are eight years old.

You ate a confetti cake with chocolate frosting that looked a like a big birds nest. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings (your “favorite restaurant,”) with Nana, Papa, Uncle Brent, Anh, Mom and me. We talked to Auntie Nikki, Gamma and Papu on Facetime, and you went to bed happy, like you do most nights these days.

This weekend you will have James and Ellie over for a day at the Aquarium and your first-ever multi-kid sleepover.

MILESTONE: You were chatty with me last night!

chatty cathyThat’s never happened before. I think I’ve already posted on this blog that you’re not much of a talker; more of a doer. Last night, mom hung out with a friend and you and I made animals talk (oh, I will post about that little ritual…be assured), went for a bike ride and then watched Dancing With The Stars.

On the bike ride and during the show, you talked nonstop! It was Continue reading