You grew up just a little bit more recently

AG_12_02_13_Expl_boy_11x17x-save-for-web-for-show-pageWe saw a circus a couple weekends ago at the Actor’s Gym. Our friend Dean was in it this year.

You loved it and it seemed to have left an impression–especially (and this was a surprise) the contortionist!

A year ago, you would have run out of there jumping around, pretending to be a circus performer openly. This time, however, you were quiet at first; you seemed to be running through some things in your head…happy…but a little distant while the gears turned.

As we walked to the car, you jumped against a snowbank with one foot and then pushed yourself back, landing on the sidewalk. I asked…”are you doing circus tricks?” fully expecting you to happy declare “yeah!” That would have usually been followed by something like “pretend I’m a circus dog and I do tricks and I followed you home from the circus…”

But this time…?

“No,” you said. And really wanting to make sure I didn’t have the “wrong”  impression, you added  “I was just jumping on the snowbank.”

Still…the gears were turning.

We went home and I got to feeding the dogs, doing dishes, etc. This would normally be the time when you would ask to watch TV, but this time, off came your shoes, coat, and then you quickly said “I’m going to go upstairs and hang out in my room.”

You never do that. Ever. (You don’t really like being alone all that much.)

You had been up there for a few minutes when I heard a light thump. Then a louder thump. Then a KER-THUMP!!! A smile came to my face. It’s such a small thing, but I noticed it. You grew up a little bit more. Yes, maybe you’re a teeny bit more self-conscious, but also a little more serious (you didn’t feel like pretending–you wanted to DO it.) You’re also a little wiser, too. You wanted to practice something first before you asked us to look.

And you did eventually ask us to come watch you attempt to touch your head with your toes, stomach to the floor. It was just mom, me, Zoe and your gerbils watching your one girl, one trick circus. Still the old Ari, but just a little bit older than the day before.


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