Let’s talk about you

ari's books

You are seven-and-a-half and you are obsessed with animals. Mom took you to the library to pick out some books. You picked these. 

I wonder a lot about what you’ll be when you grow up (for the record, my top pick is “happy.”) No matter what you choose to do for income, if animals aren’t a big part of your life, I’ll be shocked.

You love to watch TV shows, especially if they feature magic or animals. You get obsessed with episodic media on Netflix. (Mom and I are the same way–you just don’t know this yet because it happens after bedtime.)

Your best friend is James. You’re opposites, but you don’t see that. You think he’s just like you; it’s not true. You’re compatible in complementary ways. It’s actually amazing how much you care for each other. It’s got teachers talking. You told me you might marry him some day “if I can find him,” you said. We don’t know what that means, but it was really cute.

You love horses but won’t admit it. You also love birds. Almost exactly a year ago, I built you a boat bed for your sea-animals-themed bedroom. You’re no longer obsessed with sea animals, but what’s cute is that you now downplay your latest animal passions, I think because you know we can’t redo your room with such gusto every year and you don’t want to make us feel like we wasted our efforts. And the horse thing…I’m pretty sure that’s also about not wanting to come off as a “girly girl.” I have no idea why that’s important to you but it has been for a couple years.

You used to refer to “those girls” as “ballerina girls,” with a mild disdain that we never encouraged!  I very much like you the way you are. You are your own person, with your own style, and I love it.

You’ve grown quite honest in the past few years and that’s made me really proud. You have an advanced sense of humor and genuinely crack me up every day. You show real engineering and artistic promise. You’re athletic and physical. You’re a doer and a show-er more than an over-thinker/talker. I used to ask you how your day went, and you’d shrug and make a fart joke. Now you answer me, and tell me something about your day, which is very cool.

You can be fierce and fiery. The two things that trigger your temper are transitions and not getting what you want…so…pretty much parenting is what pisses you off the most. You’re often angry with us and we worry a great deal over what that will mean for your teenage years!

You’re a complex and unusual person filled with joy and energy.  While I know you’re not super confident all the time, you display much more self-assurance and perseverance than I did as a kid. People will find you interesting and challenging in the best possible way, and from what I’ve already observed, your little friends are very drawn to you. (Again…I fear the teenage years but for a different reason.)

This is only a small sketch of the girl you are now. But we’re just getting started, here. And so are you.


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