Your first gerbils

gerbilsMajor milestone over the weekend. On Saturday, we bought you an early Christmas present: Marcus and Teddy, two very cute gerbils!

That is all.


Clubhouse Fever

boat bedI built your boat bed, (almost exactly one year ago), because we didn’t get the right kind of yard for a tree-house and I was desperate to build you a tree-house.

I don’t know if this is a Dad thing, but sometimes you want things and I think “oh, she’s just a kid…she wants lots of things and this is just one of many things she’ll soon forget about.” And then sometimes, you want a Continue reading

The Hobbit

gollum-the-hobbitI finished reading the Hobbit to you a few months ago and now we’re reading the Lord of the Rings. I can’t believe you’re not bored yet but you keep insisting you want to continue. I knew you’d be able to handle the Hobbit but to my amazement you’re surviving the first half of the Fellowship of The Ring without falling asleep Continue reading